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Donations and cooperation

Donate to the Smiley Charity with your method of choice

Partnerships and donations

We seek partners and sponsors: There are several types of partnerships and methods to sponsor the Smiley Charity  which implements the tutor-web on servers and tablets for low-income regions. The donation addresses below all belong to the Smiley Charity.



Icelandic bank: Styrktarfélagið Broskallar, 0133-26-007140, kt 531015-0290

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We also accept cryptocurrency donations, see below.

Auroracoin donations

You can donate auroracoin to EIAS by sending them to the AUR wallet address AHLtRPdXeXq7W9DrpamYoVcg1Hr7Es5eoy

Bitcoin donations

You can donate Bitcoin (BTC) to EIAS by sending to the BTC wallet address 37MX5DrKGsgFV3qv3z7XYPjdbJKLo6P9uN  - just copy this EIAS wallet address into the recipient address.

Litecoin donations

You can donate Litecoin (LTC) to EIAS by sending to the LTC wallet address MWMzyaddVFhN9QqyguKrUmhXrweTcVNfkN  - just copy this EIAS wallet address into the recipient address.

Dogecoin donations

You can donate dogecoin to EIAS by sending to the DOGE wallet address DNrXXiGMm5TrNFWBSdUcSKoXE9FGJ4ryZr -  just copy this EIAS wallet address into the recipient address.

Smileycoin donations

You can donate smileycoin to EIAS by  sending to the SMLY wallet address BEtZyyYqDXqmRJJ45nnL15cuASfiXg9Yik 

This is the address of Betzyy -- it is also a double-or-nothing game: If you donate to this address, you may get back twice what you deposited.

You can get SMLY either by studying in the tutor-web or by buying SMLY at an exchange ( 




We are looking for partners who can use tutor-web or SMLY in their projects. For example, many computer games can in principle use SMLY internally, a telephone company could provide discounts and an airline could accept SMLY in exchange for mileage points. If you are a STEM instructor, please consider letting your class use the tutor-web system for one or more homework assignments. If you are involved with any of these and are interested, please let us know by sending an email to or sending to @gstefans on twitter. As an instructor, if your class is registered, then your students will be given much higher SMLY rewards than if they are not a formal part of a class.


Investing in education


A different method for supporting this educational project is simply to buy SMLY on an exchange. Anyone with an interest in supporting this project can go to and purchase SMLY.