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Basic analysis of data

Code Name
sl00 Length distributions
sl10 Length-weight relationships
sl15 Age composition
sl20 Age composition from age and length data
sl25 Catches in numbers at age
sl26 Other measurements
sl27 Comparing mean weight at age
sl30 Mean length at age
sl35 Alternate data grouping
sl40 Age composition summary
Data files
Filename Title
age-length-table-from-capelin-otolith.dat Age-length table from capelin otolith
base.dat lec40sl10
basesl15.dat sl15
capelin-age-length-from-otolith.r Capelin age-length from otolith
expanded-age-length-table-from-capelin-otolith.dat Expanded age-length table for capelin otolith
expln.png expln.png
sl10_SlideImage sl10_SlideImage
sl15_SlideImage sl15_SlideImage
sl26_SlideImage sl26_SlideImage
sl27_SlideImage sl27_SlideImage
sl35_SlideImage sl35_SlideImage