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Yield per recruit analysis

Code Name
sl00 Introduction
sl10 Yield per recruit input data
sl15 Simulating a stock
sl20 First year yield and stock size
sl30 Second year
sl60 The entire sequence
sl70 Results 1
sl80 Results 2: Reduced effort
sl90 The yield per recruit curve
sl95 Yield per recruit and age composition
sl99 F0.1
Data files
Filename Title
base95.dat base95
expln.png expln.png
f01.r F 0.1
icod.dat Icod.dat
simstock.r simstock
sl70_SlideImage sl70_SlideImage
sl80_SlideImage sl80_SlideImage
sl90_SlideImage sl90_SlideImage
sl95_SlideImage sl95_SlideImage
sl99_ExplanationImage sl99_ExplanationImage
sl99_SlideImage sl99_SlideImage
yield-per-recruit-age-plot.r Yield Per Recruit and Age Composition Plot
yield-per-recruit-analysis-for-a-simulated-stock.r Yield per recruit analysis for a simulated stock
yr.r yr