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Production and replacement

Code Name
sl00 Production
sl05 Replacement
sl10 Data requirements
sl20 Production and replacement
sl30 Production and replacement: Low effort
sl40 Production and replacement: Heavy effort
sl50 Reference point: $F_{crash}$
sl60 Reference points: Fmed
sl70 Production and replacement presentation
sl80 Spawning Stock and Recruitment - Summary
Data files
Filename Title
prodreplacementcurves.r prodreplacementcurves
simdata.r simdata
sl00_SlideImage sl00_SlideImage
sl05_SlideImage sl05_SlideImage
sl10_SlideImage sl10_SlideImage
sl20_SlideImage sl20_SlideImage
sl30_SlideImage sl30_SlideImage
sl40_SlideImage sl40_SlideImage
sl50_ExplanationImage sl50_ExplanationImage
sl50_SlideImage sl50_SlideImage
sl70_SlideImage sl70_SlideImage
sl80_SlideImage sl80_SlideImage
spawningstockcurve.r spawningstockcurve
srcalc.r SRcalc
ssb-by-r-datafile.csv SSB by R