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One-way ANOVA

Code Name
slide0010 Introduction to ANOVA
slide0020 Statistical softwares
slide0030 T-test vs ANOVA
slide0035 Terminology
slide0037 Where does the name Analysis of variance come from
slide0040 Rat diet experiment
slide0050 The one-way model
slide0060 Fitting the ANOVA model
slide0070 Hypothesis
slide0080 The ANOVA table
slide0090 Sums of squares
slide0095 R squared
slide0100 F-test
slide0102 The F-table
slide0110 Example - Iris
slide0120 Assumptions
slide0121 Normality
slide01211 Test for normality
slide0122 Constant variance
slide01221 Test for constant variance
slide0123 Independence
slide01231 Test for independence
slide0129 What happens when assumptions do not hold
slide0130 Transformations
slide0140 Example - electrofishing 1
slide0141 Example - electrofishing 2
slide0142 Example - electrofishing 3
slide0143 Example - electrofishing 4
slide0150 Kruskal Wallis test
slide0160 Example - GMO Sugar 1
slide0170 Example - GMO sugar 2
slide0172 Example - GMO sugar 3
slide0174 Example - GMO sugar 4
slide0176 Example - GMO sugar 5
Data files
Filename Title
Potatoes.dat TastePotatoes
Rstudio.PNG Rstudio.PNG
Seidi.txt Fish
Seidi3.dat Seidi2
electro1.png electro1.png
electro2.png electro2.png
fishing.PNG fishing.PNG
iris.PNG iris.PNG
maternwt.dat maternwt
rat.PNG rat.PNG
seidi4.dat seidi4.dat
seidi6.csv seidi6.csv
slide0030_SlideImage slide0030_SlideImage
slide0100_SlideImage slide0100_SlideImage
slide0121_SlideImage slide0121_SlideImage
slide0122_SlideImage slide0122_SlideImage
slide0123_SlideImage slide0123_SlideImage
slide0143_SlideImage slide0143_SlideImage
slide0170_SlideImage slide0170_SlideImage
slide0172_SlideImage slide0172_SlideImage
slide0174_SlideImage slide0174_SlideImage
sugar.PNG sugar.PNG