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About SmileyTutor (formerly tutor-web)


Introductory Statistics

Kenyan and Ethiopian National Curricula

High School Mathematics

Æfingar fyrir nýnema

Stöðupróf nýnema 1

Stöðupróf nýnema 2

Stöðupróf nýnema 3

Please consider donating to this educational project.

If you are looking for the older tutor-web system, e.g. for slide content, please go here instead.

The tutor-web system is a free learning tool, giving SMLY as rewards upon completing drills. Please do not abuse the system. See the info page for information about proper use.

You will get more features (including more SMLY) if your school is registered and you are registered as a part of a class in a real-world school. For this you will need to have an email from your school as your user Id on the tutor-web.

If you are a serious student without access to a school you can ask to be admitted as a registered student. You will then be asked for formal identification.