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Growth models

Code Name
sl00 Principles of mathematical modelling
sl20 Always first plot the data
sl30 A model of fish growth
sl40 Mathematical models as functions in R
sl50 The sum of squares
sl60 Fitting a nonlinear growth model
Data files
Filename Title
base20.dat base20
codoto.dat CodOto.dat
fish-stock-growth-curve-expanded.r fish stock growth curve expanded.R
fish-stock-growth-curve.r fish stock growth curve.r
length-at-age.r length at age.R
mean-length-at-age.r mean length at age
sl20_SlideImage sl20_SlideImage
sl30_SlideImage sl30_SlideImage
sl60_SlideImage sl60_SlideImage
vonb-growth-curve.r vonB growth curve