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Reference points

Code Name
sl00 Background to Reference Points
sl20 Types of Reference Points
sl30 Statistical Background to Reference Points
sl40 Limit reference points
sl50 Precautionary reference points
sl70 Target Reference Points
sl80 Reference Points in Advice
Data files
Filename Title
base.gif base.gif
expln.gif expln.gif
fmsy.r Fmsy.R
sl00_SlideImage sl00_SlideImage
sl30_ExplanationImage sl30_ExplanationImage
sl30_SlideImage sl30_SlideImage
sl50_SlideImage sl50_SlideImage
sl70_ExplanationImage sl70_ExplanationImage
sl70_SlideImage sl70_SlideImage
ssb-and-ypr-data-for-icelandic-cod.csv SSB and YPR data for Icelandic cod
ssb-by-r-datafile.csv SSB by R datafile.csv
sustainable-yield-data.csv sustainable yield data