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\section*{Tutorial 2 Reading List}
\subsection*{Lecture 10}
General Overview - \bibentry{ward2016understanding}\\

\subsubsection*{Sex bias}
Differential allocation hypothesis - \bibentry{sheldon2000differential}\\

\noindent Mating systems with a cod example - \bibentry{rowe2003mating}

\subsubsection*{Phenotypic variation}
Impact of fishing on phenotypic evolution - \bibentry{law2000fishing}\\

\noindent Impact of harvest on phenotypic variation - \bibentry{allendorf2008genetic}
\subsubsection*{Body Size}
Impact of size declines from fishing - \bibentry{trippel1997effects}\\

\noindent Incorporating body-size indicators into EAFM via reference points \bibentry{jennings2005reference}

Importance of behavioral syndromes - \bibentry{conrad2011behavioural}\\

\noindent Impact and role of environmental stressors on behavior and physiology - \bibentry{killen2013environmental}

Cardiorespiratory physiological differences attributed to water temperature - \bibentry{eliason2011differences}\\

\noindent Relationship between metabolic rate and behavior and its impact on survival- \bibentry{biro2010consistent}

\subsection{Lecture 20}
\subsubsection*{General Overview}
Incorporating EFH into models using habitat mapping - \bibentry{valavanis2008modelling}\\

\noindent Impact of oceanic conditions on chinook salmon - \bibentry{wells2007quantifying}

\subsubsection*{Sea Surface Temperature}
Impact of SST changes on corals and fish - \bibentry{riegl2002effects}\\

\noindent Impact of SST changes on phytoplankton and food webs - \bibentry{richardson2004climate}

\subsubsection*{Sea Surface Salinity}
Impact of SSS on salmon growth - \bibentry{morita2001growth}\\

\noindent Impact of SSS on reproduction (i.e. anchovy egg density) - \bibentry{goarant2007anchovy}

\subsubsection*{Sea Surface Height}
Impact of SSH on sardine recruitment - \bibentry{hardman2003relating}

\subsubsection*{Dissolved oxygen}
Impact of low dissolved oxygen on survival and recruitment - \bibentry{miller2002determination}\\

\noindent Impact of low dissolved oxygen on trophic interactions - \bibentry {breitburg1997varying}

\subsubsection*{Chlorophyll $a$}
Impact of low chlorophyll $a$, an indicator for primary production, on fishery production - \bibentry{gomes2002fishery}\\

\noindent Pelagic fish distribution and abundance changes associated with chlorophyll $a$ concentration changes - \bibentry{shannon1984spatial}

\subsubsection*{Mesoscale Oceanographic Features}
Population level impacts of mesoscale oceanographic features - \bibentry{werner1997role}\\

\noindent Incorporating mesoscale features into EAFM via satellite remote sensing - \bibentry{chassot2011satellite}

\subsubsection*{Marine Protected Areas}
Practical guide for developing MPAs - \bibentry{green2013designing}\\

\noindent when to use MPAs in fisheries management - \bibentry{hilborn2004can}

\subsubsection*{Incorporating into EAFM}
Modeling habitat information for EAFM using remote sensing, spatial analysis, and GIS - \bibentry{valavanis2008modelling}

\subsection*{Lecture 30}
\subsubsection*{Trophic Cascades}
Predatory trophic cascades following MPAs or intensive resource exploitation - \bibentry{pinnegar2000trophic}\\

\noindent Top-down trophic cascades initiated by the removal of cod - \bibentry{frank2005trophic}

\subsubsection*{General Overview}
Trophic indicators and their calculations - \bibentry{pennino2012can}\\

\noindent Trophic indicators and their calculations -  \bibentry{cury2005trophodynamic}

\subsubsection*{Marine Trophic Index}
Calculating and interpreting MTI in relation to biodiversity - \bibentry{pauly2005background}\\

\noindent Application of the MTI to large marine ecosystems - \bibentry{pauly2008fisheries}

\subsubsection*{Fishing in Balance}
Combining MTI and FiB to create FSI - \bibentry{kleisner2011marine}\\

\noindent application of FiB - \bibentry{freire2010fishing}

\subsubsection*{Pelagic/Demersal Index}
Application of the P/D index - \bibentry{de2000pelagic}\\

\noindent Application of P/D index - \bibentry{shannon2009exploring}

\subsection*{Lecture 40}
\subsubsection*{General Overview}
Global climate change overview - \bibentry{mcmichael2004global}\\

\noindent Ocean acidification overview - \bibentry{doney2009ocean}\\

\noindent GCC and OA's fisheries impact - \bibentry{heenan2015climate}\\

\noindent GCC impact on marine ecosystem - \bibentry{hoegh2010impact}

\subsubsection*{GCC impact on SST}
Trends in SST in terms of climatic changes from GCC - \bibentry{lea2000climate}\\

\noindent Impact of SST change on the distribution and life history characteristics of marine fishes - \bibentry{perry2005climate}

\subsubsection*{GCC impact on Primary Production}
Impact of sea ice melt on annual primary production in the arctic - \bibentry{arrigo2008impact}\\

\noindent Changes in NPP correlated to sea ice extent and temperature - \bibentry{arrigo2011secular}

\subsubsection*{GCC impact on Wind/Currents}
Antarctic circumpolar current shifts attributed to water temperature and fresh water fluxes - \bibentry{boning2008response}\\

\noindent Increased intensity of coastal upwellings from GCC - \bibentry{bakun1990global}

\subsubsection*{Biogeochemistry and Ocean Acidification}
Water pH and ocean acidification - \bibentry{dore2009physical}\\

Calcium carbonate saturation projections in relation to GCC - \bibentry{orr2005anthropogenic}