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\section*{Tutorial 3 Reading List}
\subsection*{Lecture 10}
\subsubsection*{Fleet Contribution to Mortality}
Impact of fishing effort descriptors on fishing mortality - \bibentry{marchal2007impact}\\

\noindent Fishing mortality model comparison - \bibentry{whipple2000models}\\

\noindent Incorporation and calculation of fishing mortality at the fleet level - \bibentry{doring2010development}

\subsubsection*{Fleet Economic Performance}
Review of fleet economic performance under new EU regulations - \bibentry{whitmarsh2000profitability}\\

\noindent Profitability of the European fleet under different policies - \bibentry{suris2002profitability}\\

\noindent Bio-economic models for calculating fleet economic performance - \bibentry{prellezo2012review}

\subsubsection*{Fleet Sustainability}
Calculating and interpreting a fishing fleet sustainability index - \bibentry{doring2010development}\\

\noindent Metier sustainability index calculation and interpretation - \bibentry{tzanatos2012metier}

\subsection*{Lecture 20}
\subsubsection*{Policy Making}
Policy development issues as the EU transitions to EAFM - \bibentry{ramirez2016institutional}\\

\noindent The EU's system for developing new policies within an EAFM framework - \bibentry{ramirez2016ecosystem}

\noindent Policy formation strategic plan for implementing EAFM in Southeast Asia - \bibentry{lepolicy}

\subsubsection*{Stakeholder Involvement}
Role and purpose of stakeholders in EAFM - Module 9 of \bibentry{staples}\\

\noindent Identifying and creating effective stakeholder groups - \bibentry{duggan2013identifying}

\subsubsection*{Common Fisheries Policy}
General information on the CFP and its role in fisheries management - \bibentry{ramirez2016ecosystem}\\

\noindent Background and evaluation of the 2013 CFP - \bibentry{salomon2014masterstroke}

\subsubsection*{EU Regulatory Issues}
General overview of regulatory issues - \bibentry{ramirez2016ecosystem}