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	\section*{Tutorial 4}
	\subsection*{Lecture 10}
	\subsubsection*{Introduction to Discards}
	General background to discards and discard policies - \bibentry{kelleher2005discards}\\
	\noindent General background to discards and bycatch - \bibentry{alverson1994global}
	\subsection*{Lecture 20}
	Background to bycatch - \bibentry{hall2000catch}\\
	\noindent History of the bycatch issue - \bibentry{alverson1999some}
	Portuguese case study on slippage - \bibentry{stratoudakis2002sardine}\\
	\noindent Survival rates of purse seine slippage in relation to crowding in Atlantic mackerel - \bibentry{huse2010mortality}
	\subsection*{Lecture 30}
	\subsubsection*{Undersized discards - population impacts}
	The relationship between mesh size and survival of discarded undersized sand whiting - \bibentry{kennelly2000reducing}\\
	\noindent Impact of length limits in relation to life history strategy - \bibentry{coggins2007effects}
	\subsubsection*{Low-value discards - population impacts}
	Model for determining population impacts of non-target discards - \bibentry{piet2009modelling}\\
	\noindent Calculating and evaluating the mortality and in turn population issues from discarding non-target species - \bibentry{pope2000gauging}
	\subsubsection*{Predator-prey impacts}
	Impact of discards on large predators - \bibentry{stevens2000effects}\\
	\noindent shifts in population size altering predator-prey interactions - \bibentry{alverson1994global}
	\subsubsection*{Energy Flow}
	Impact of carrion input from discards on benthic organisms - \bibentry{ramsay1997consumption}\\
	\noindent Impact of a discard ban on energy turnover - \bibentry{sarda2015overlooked}
	Scavenger consumption of discards and its ecosystem impact - \bibentry{bozzano2002fishery}\\

	\noindent Drop time and consumption of discards by scavengers - \bibentry{hill1990fate}

\subsection*{Lecture 40}
\subsubsection {Economic Impacts}
General overview - \bibentry{pascoe1997bycatch}\\

\noindent General overview - \bibentry{cappell2001economic}\\

\noindent General overview - \bibentry{alverson1994global}

\noindent General overview - \bibentry{clucas1997study}\\

\noindent Case study on the potential impact of the EU discard ban with examples for commercially valuable species - \bibentry{catchople2005discards}\\

\subsubsection*{Commercially Valuable Discards}
Economic impact of discarding marketable catch due to regulatory requirements - \bibentry{patrick2013estimating}\\

\noindent Economic impact of harvesting commercially valuable juveniles - \bibentry{najmudeen2008economic}\\

\subsubsection*{Illegal Species Discards}
Impact of utilizing a tax incentive to reduce illegal discards - \bibentry{hansen2006illegal}\\

\noindent Potential solutions - \bibentry{alverson1994global}

\subsubsection*{Low Commercial Value}
Case study of potential economic impacts for EU bans - \bibentry{catchpole2005discards}\\

\noindent Overview of cost accrument - \bibentry{alverson1994global}

\subsubsection*{Monitoring and Prevention Costs}
Employment of electronic monitoring for discards including a cost evaluation - \bibentry{bonney2009continued}\\

\noindent General overview of observer costs - \bibentry{alverson1994global}

\subsection{Lecture 50}
\subsubsection{Regulatory History}
General overview - \bibentry{kelleher2005discards}\\

\noindent History of the EU discard ban - \bibentry{borges2015evolution}

\subsubsection*{Discard Bans}
Impact of using individual quotas on spatial and temporal effort allocation and over-quota discarding in multi-species fisheries - \bibentry{poos2010individual}\\

\noindent Case studies to show what's needed for a discard ban to be effective - \bibentry{condie2014incentivising}

\subsubsection*{Generic Fishery Regulations}
Effectiveness of several regulations at reducing discards explored through case studies - \bibentry{graham2007fishing}\\

\noindent Use of closures by Norway to reduce discards - \bibentry{gullestad2015discard}\\

\noindent Potential generic fisheries regulations developed around MSY - \bibentry{froese2011generic}

\subsection*{Lecture 60}
\subsubsection*{Economic impact of discard bans}
Outline of when rules of followed including economic impact - \bibentry{nielsen2003important}\\

\noindent Bio-economic analysis of implementing by-catch reduces - \bibentry{raveau2012bio}\\

\noindent Economic assessment of a balanced harvesting system - \bibentry{charles2016balanced}\\

\noindent Economic impact from a fishermen's perspective - \bibentry{vestergaard1996discard}

\subsection*{Lecture 70}
\subsubsection*{Calculating Discards}
Discards database and calculations - \bibentry{kelleher2005discards}\\

\noindent Issues with extrapolating discards data from on-observers to vessels without on-board observers - \bibentry{benoit2009can}\\

\noindent Calculating numbers-at-age for fish discards from landings-at-age data - \bibentry{casey1996estimating}\\

\noindent The amount of sampling required to determine discards  by gear and country - \bibentry{allen2002multistage}\\

\noindent Determining discard hotspots using spatio-temporal bayesian models - \bibentry{pennino2014bayesian}

\subsubsection*{Data Issues}
Review of current discard data collection methodologies and the associated issues - \bibentry{bellido2011fishery}\\

\noindent Discard data issues under two different regulatory regimes - \bibentry{punt2006including}\\

\noindent Background to data issues including extrapolation issues - \bibentry{kelleher2005discards}\\

\subsubsection*{Including Discards in EAFM}
How to incorporate discard data into EAFM within an EU context - \bibentry{bellido2011fishery}\\

\noindent Incorporating discard data into EAFM to determine year class distributions - \bibentry{punt2006including}\\

\noindent Inclusion of discard data into fisheries life cycle assessments - \bibentry{vazquez2012inclusion}