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\section*{Tutorial 5 Reading List}
\subsection*{Lecture 10}
Overview of how EAFM addresses these conflicts - Tutorial 3 of \bibentry{staples2014essential}

\subsubsection*{Discard Trade-offs}
Case study on the trade-off between the tuna fishery and dolphin by-catch - \bibentry{hall1998ecological}\\

\noindent Bio-economic trade-offs between discarding and sustaining local economies, a case study of the French Guiana shrimp fishery - \bibentry{martinet2009fishery}\\

\noindent Utilization of statistical analyses to analyze discard trade-offs - \bibentry{hall2005managing}

\subsubsection*{Within Sector Trade-offs}
Impact of fisheries on fish habitat and an evaluation of two management solutions - \bibentry{turner1999fishing}\\

\noindent Impact of undersized discards on the fishery - \bibentry{coggins2007effects}

\subsubsection*{Acrossed Sector Trade-offs}
Balancing commercial and recreational fishing regulations, a case study for Dungeness Crab in British Columbia - \bibentry{mackenzie2013building}\\

\noindent Balancing ecotoursim, i.e. whale watching, with local, small-scale fisheries in Baja California - \bibentry{young1999balancing}\\

\noindent Using ecosystem valuation studies to evaluate bio-economic trade-offs, a case study on dam removal in the Elwha River - \bibentry{gowan2006role}

\subsubsection*{Evaluating and Including Trade-offs}
Bio-economic indicators to include when balancing trade-offs - \bibentry{gascuel2012towards}\\
\noindent Analyzing the impact of co-occuring fisheries for inclusion in EAFM - \bibentry{houle2013emerging}

\subsection*{Lecture 20}
\subsubsection*{Economic Trade-offs}
General overview of the economic trade-offs of discard regulation - \bibentry{pascoe1997bycatch}\\

\noindent Economic impact of initiating EAFM and the discard ban in the EU on fleets - \bibentry{druon2012scientific} 

\subsection*{Lecture 30} 
\subsubsection*{Social Trade-offs}
Including and balancing societal considerations into management decisions - \bibentry{symes2009whatever}\\

\noindent Socio-economic trade-offs and their inclusion in EAFM, an EU example - \bibentry{santiagotranslating}

\subsubsection*{Large vs. Small Scale Fisheries}
General differences between large scale and small scale fisheries including their management and funding - \bibentry{jacquet2008funding}\\

\noindent Incorporating small scale fisheries into management plans given their fundamental differences - \bibentry{mathew2003small}