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Cryptocurrency and the Smileycoin (crypto251.0)

Code Name Slide download Num. slides Num. questions
lec00100 Introduction to cryptocurrencies Download PDF 8 0
lec00200 Bitcoin and Smileycoin basics Download PDF 7 0
lec00300 Picking up a wallet Download PDF 3 0
lec00400 Compiling the wallet Download PDF 8 0
lec00500 Introduction to the SMLY command line Download PDF 1 0
lec01200 Basic cryptocurrency economics Download PDF 14 0
lec01400 The transaction Download PDF 9 0
lec01500 The block and the blockchain Download PDF 2 0
lec01600 Cryptocurrency mining Download PDF 7 0
lec02000 Cryptography and cryptocurrencies Download PDF 1 0
lec02100 Hash function introduction Download PDF 0 0
lec02200 Elliptic curves Download PDF 0 0
lec03000 The trilogy: tutor-web, Smileycoin and Education in a Suitcase Download PDF 11 0
lec03100 The SmileyCoin Fund Download PDF 3 0
lec03200 Splitting the coinbase: No longer just a miner's fee Download PDF 4 0
lec03400 Staking and proof-of-stake Download PDF 2 0
lec03500 The tutor-web as a faucet Download PDF 1 0
lec04000 The command line from a Linux script Download PDF 4 0
lec04500 Building slightly more complex transactions on the command line Download PDF 3 0
lec15000 Cryptocurrency exchanges Download PDF 1 0
lec15500 API access to exchanges Download PDF 1 0
lec26000 Automation on the blockchain (stores, ATM, gambling etc) Download PDF 7 0
lec30000 The Bitcoin programming language Download PDF 6 0
lec30100 Fun and games with Bitcoin Download PDF 5 0
lec31000 The SmileyCoin Fund revisited Download PDF 10 0
lec47000 Atomic swaps Download PDF 7 0
lec47100 More on atomic swaps and smart contracts Download PDF 5 0
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