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A1: From numbers through algebra to calculus and linear algebra (math612.0)

Code Name Slide download Num. slides Num. questions
lecture110 Numbers, arithmetic and basic algebra Download PDF 5 0
lecture120 Data vectors Download PDF 5 0
lecture130 More on algebra Download PDF 5 0
lecture140 Discrete random variables and the binomial distribution Download PDF 7 0
lecture150 Functions Download PDF 5 0
lecture160 Polynomials Download PDF 6 0
lecture170 Simple data analysis in R Download PDF 5 0
lecture180 Indices and the apply commands in R Download PDF 6 0
lecture190 Functions of functions and the exponential function Download PDF 6 0
lecture195 Inverse functions and the logarithm Download PDF 6 0
lecture210 Continuity and limits Download PDF 7 0
lecture220 Sequences and series Download PDF 5 0
lecture230 Slopes of lines and curves Download PDF 5 0
lecture240 Derivatives Download PDF 8 0
lecture250 Applications of differentiation Download PDF 6 0
lecture260 Integrals and probability density functions Download PDF 6 0
lecture270 Principles of programming Download PDF 8 0
lecture280 The Central Limit Theorem and related topics Download PDF 3 0
lecture290 Miscellanea Download PDF 3 0
lecture310 Multivariate probability distributions Download PDF 8 0
lecture320 Some distributions related to the normal Download PDF 5 0
lecture330 Estimation, estimates and estimators Download PDF 5 0
lecture340 Test of hypothesis, P values and related concepts Download PDF 8 0
lecture350 Power and sample sizes Download PDF 11 0
lecture410 Vectors and Matrix Operations Download PDF 8 0
lecture420 Some notes on matrices and linear operators Download PDF 7 0
lecture430 Ranks and determinants Download PDF 3 0
lecture440 Multivariate calculus Download PDF 5 0
lecture450 The multivariate normal distribution and related topics Download PDF 5 0
lecture510 Independence, expectations and the moment generating function Download PDF 7 0
lecture520 The gamma distribution Download PDF 4 0
lecture530 Notes and examples: The linear model Download PDF 6 0
lecture540 Some regression topics Download PDF 2 0
lecture990 Overview drills Download PDF 0 0
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This project has received direct funding from the EU H2020 project Minouw, to provide technical support for students who take tutorials on the EAFM in general and discard models in particular. Most of the content has been developed as a part of giving courses at the University of Iceland and at GRÓ-FTP, with additions and developments in 2019-2021 funded in part by FarFish.